1. Electronics lab (GUIST building)- Common courses
2. Basic Electronics Lab (ECE premises)
3. BTech Project Lab (ECE premises)
4. Signal Processing Lab (ECE premises)
5. VLSI Lab (ECE premises)
6. Communication Lab (ECE premises)
7. Computational Lab (ECE premises)
8. MTech Project Lab (ECE premises)


Electronics Lab

         It has provisions for about 50 students. It is mainly intended to run lab courses of first three years of the B.Tech programme. It has regulated DC power supplies, CROs, DSOs, Function generators etc. suitable upto 10 MHz and a few DSOs up-to 20 MHz.

Project Lab

         It has provisions for advance design and project works supporting upto 50 students. It is equipped with DDS function generators, DSOs, power supplies etc. It also has Computers for interfacing, simulation, software-based design and fabrication etc.  

Microprocessor Lab

         It has provisions for 50 students for experiments using 8085 and 8086 and required peripherals.

Microcontroller Lab

         It is equipped with 8051 and PIC Microcontroller.

DSP Processor Lab

         It is equipped with ADSP-21XX, ADSP BF533, TMS320C540 and TMS320C67XX Processors.

Microwave Lab

         It has provisions for 20 students for experiments using microwave benches.

Communication Lab

         It has provisions for 50 students for analog and digital communication experiments using trainer kits.


         This lab is equipped with 20 user Cadence virtuoso (Both Digital and Analog Front-end and Back-end) and Xilinx Vivado (25 User) ,Artix 7 FPGA board(20 nos), Zed Board(04 nos), Virtex 7 Board(1 no.).


Software Facilities


Simulation Lab

         It has 50 nos. of computer for design based work using MATLAB, LABVIEW, PSPICE, MICROSIM, MULTISIM etc. It also has provisions for VLSI design.

Signal Processing and Image Processing Lab

         It is intended to support course related to signal and image processing of B.Tech and M.Tech programmes.

Mobile Communication Lab

         It is equipped to perform practical and design of mobile communication experiments.


 5 fully equipped class rooms with projectors and 24*7 internet connection.

Seminar Room:

A big seminar room with a proper dice, Monitors, projectors, mics and speakers.


Basic Programming Laboratory: We have 03 Basic programming labs with a total capacity of 100, all the machines are in proper conditions having all the basic programming tools pre-installed.

Computer Hardware:

01 hardware lab with all the necessary hardware tools

Embedded System:

01Embedded Systems lab fully equipped with basic microcontrollers, microprocessors and other requisite circuits.

Project Laboratory:

01 fully equipped and well ventilated project lab where students can do their project work and also showcase them with ease.

Cryptography & Network security:

01 fully equipped Cryptography & Network security lab availing all the necessary tools.

NLP Research Laboratory:

01 NLP lab dedicated to machine learning and AI where Natural Language Processing Research is carried on.

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All the Labs are fully air conditioned equipped with 24*7 internet facility.