Campus Life

Student life at Campus

GUIST offers a vibrant campus life. It is a safe and secure campus. Students will find the beautiful, peaceful and greenery campus a great place to live. When they wish to do something there are a lot of choices available to them. Students can pursue the passions they bring to the campus. Or they can take up new ones. There are many recreational facilities, hobby clubs, sports facilities and cultural societies on campus.
In the chosen activity, whether a student is a beginner or is at an advanced level the student will have company and will enjoy the bonding.

Sports & Recreation

GUIST offers a wide range of sports and recreational facilities. Sports and games are a major aspect of complete development both physically and mentally for a person. It is essential to enhance the academic development.
The students at GUIST indulge in a number of sporting activities like basketball, football, badminton, cricket etc. which generate in them a spirit to participate, compete and win.

Hostel Life

The student hostels are situated in the Campus itself which provide comfortable accommodation. Most of the rooms are double room. Each and every hostel has a common Dining Space, and manned with 24×7 security and backed with 24-hour power backup supply, and high-speed internet connection. Wardens visit the hostel regularly to monitor and ensure proper functioning of the hostels and comfort of the students.
Different festivals and cultural events are celebrated together within the hostel in a very friendly and homely atmosphere.

Health Care

GUIST is well served by a conveniently located Health Centre. The doctors and staff of the Health Centre are committed to the health and well being of the campus community.

Retail & Services

There are several retail areas on the campus with shops and services to meet the day to day needs of the campus community.