Clubs at GUIST

In GUIST the students are encouraged to actively participate in co-curricular clubs and activities along with their campus regular study. Each student club is advised by a faculty/staff members here on campus. Currently, there are two different clubs: Coding Club, Robotics Club and extra-curricular activities; however in future the number of clubs will be increased. Through these clubs the students experience a broad array of academic, technical and social activities. For instance, the Coding Club allows the students to explore their computer programming skills in the field of computer science and IT to develop a sense of professionalism.
The Robotics Club gives a student to conceptualize his idea and design state-of-the-art prototypes in the field of robotics following the international standards.

Coding Club:

The Coding club of GUIST is a very happening space of continuously typing fingers and continuously coding brains. Being Coding Club of a technical institution we do pretty much everything and anything related to coding.The Coding Club of GUIST wishes to to blend in the taste of real world ongoings with the academics by organising events with real world importance. The club conducts coding events frequently which includes codewars, debugging competition, discussion on in hand projects, hackathos and interactive session with professionals.
The coding Club aims to create the perfect atmosphere for a better flow of ideas, industrial experience exchange and overall improvement in know hows of recent technologies. This would help in creating an appropriate ambience for the engineering students to gather the required skill-set and knowledge-base to intervene positively in delivering the goods of science and technology to the common person using all the help from faculties, student fraternity and our collaborating industry partners, and thereby engage the skilled members in productive work.

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Coding Club

Robotics Club:

The primary objective of the Robotics Club is to inculcate a sense of creation and innovation using robot oriented designs. Man-Machine Interaction (MMI) is expected to be common mode of communication between human being and the machines. It shall take place through vision, speech, wired and wireless connections. A significant portion of the working of these systems shall be autonomous decision making facilitated by learning aided designs and adaptive operations.
The Robotics Club is expected to help the young minds develop fascination towards robotics and related system design. The club will enable the students, research scholars and hobbyist to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom or formal education in real-world scenarios. The club is expected to serve as a platform to apply knowledge creatively, explore how systems interact, both with each other and with the environment. The primary aim of the club is to help the members “thinking technologically“.

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Robotics Club