Training and Placement Cell

Gauhati University Institute of Science and Technology is one of the premier engineering schools in the North-Eastern part of India, maintaining an excellent academic record. The Institute’s Training and Placement Section provides a launchpad for students to make it to the best organizations in the fields of software, core industries, management, etc. The biggest names in the corporate world visit the campus on a regular basis, with enviable recruitment offers.
Students are encouraged to seek opportunities and enhance their learning experience with a piece of practical knowledge.


Prof. Manab Deka, Director, GUIST

In charge:

Dr. Nabamita Deb, Assistant Professor, IT


Members(Teachers and Staff)

Manash Pratim Sarma, Assistant Professor, ECE

Kishore Kashyap, Assistant Professor, IT

Mohammed Ghaznavi Idris, Assistant Professor, Bio Engg.

Dr. Bipul Bezbaruah, Assistant Professor, Applied Science

The Training and Placement Cell provides a platform for the students and the companies as well so that the collaboration is mutually beneficial.

Placement offers made till 10th February 2020

we focus not only on the career-oriented growth but offers versatility. There has been a consistent growth in our placements record. Today, graduating does not mean getting a degree certificate alone but equipping one with in-depth knowledge of the subject. It has also become mandatory that the student instills both technical and soft skills within him in order to reach heights. GUIST helps the students to achieve this by conducting various workshops, guest lectures, and seminars and also by letting them participate in various other extra-curricular activities. We are passionate about grooming the students not only as efficient professionals but also as the responsible citizens. it is our incessant endeavor to make all our students industry-ready.


GUIST is proud to have as its alumni a group of engineers, technologists, scientists, managers and entrepreneurs.


1. Being a part of Gauhati University has been one of most pivotal points of my life. Starting with the competitive curriculum and the state-of-the-art infrastructure, Gauhati University has been successful in imparting quality experimental education to it’s students. The Training and Placement cell deserves a special mention as over the past few years the students have been given a hands-on Industry exposure and they have been equipped to tackle the real challenges in the professional world. It is due to the efforts of the entire team that most students have been placed in top-notch companies even before the course completion, further providing opportunities to the younger batches by making them industry ready.
I was successful in landing a job in one of the most successful startups of the Country, BYJU’S and after that I have begun my new journey in OYO, a hospitality giant of the recent times. My time in the both the organizations has been very successful and I owe that to my Alma Mater.


Arnab Bordoloi
Business Development Manager | OYO, India

2.College was probably one of the first milestones in life. Things were certainly beyond bookish learning and undergrad studies was all about the perks of exploring new avenues, getting there, meeting amazing people and learning stuff. It gives me great pride to be an alumnus of the GU fraternity as GUIST has been an institution that has worked collectively towards enhancing opportunities for its budding engineers by reinforcing education and career-based initiatives. I would like to take this chance to thank everyone especially the T&P cell for encouraging students to explore the various placement opportunities through successive counselling and training sessions and by inviting companies for campus recruitment. I am glad we have an efficient team of faculty members and students assisting the final year students in landing jobs into potential companies through excellent networking, communication and relationship building skills.
GUIST has been supportive to all its students respective of their career orientations and as an ex-student, I am happy to have been able to benefit from them and be where I am today!

Warm regards and best wishes,

Nistha Kashyap
MS in Biotechnology, The University of Queensland – Australia

3.Gauhati University Institute of Science and Technology is richly endowed with the blend of culture and traditions of Gauhati University and the new and modern arsenal of technological advancements. The Institute believes in the holistic development of its students, and the courses are designed to boost one’s knowledge and cognitive abilities. My days at GUIST has had quite an impact in shaping me as a person. I had a host of different channels at my disposal from where I could learn about different fascinating things: be it about search engines or about game-changing applications. The professors have been quite helpful and guiding in our quest for knowledge. I wish the upcoming batches all the best for their time at GUIST.


Prasun Paul

4.The T&P Cell, GUIST was officially formed in the year 201x and ever since it has been trying to bring in more and more companies for in campus placement and organising various sessions for skill development. For our batch (2013-2017) as well, T&P Cell was able to organise in campus and pool campus placements with many companies and was able to achieve the highest number of placements till then. And the numbers keep increasing every year. It has provided us the support we needed to crack interviews and co-ordinate with various colleges for pool campus placement where we got the opportunities to sit for companies like Amazon and BYJU’S. I thank T&P Cell for everything and would like to wish all the best for it’s future endeavours. My personal message to my juniors will be that, try to build your soft skills right from the first semester and try to find out your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you in great extent to get your dream job after your graduation. Try to involve yourself in as many extra-curricular activities as possible, be it technical or non-technical, and this way you can hone your skills. Practically speaking, just because you are doing engineering doesn’t mean you need to get a technical job after B. Tech. You can start your career in any field you find interest in. As for we alumni, you can always reach out to us for any kind of help related to your career. Do your best to build your own future.

Samujjwal Paitya,
B. Tech. ECE, 2013-17.
Currently working as a Demand Manager in OYO.

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